Anti-slip Pads

Anti-slip pad for mobile phone

Anti-slip pad for mobile phone or MP3 player

An innovative pad       2012 hot-selling                              Inquiry

High polymerized material; Eco friendly and Non toxic

Has super strong stickiness:

Mobile can be hold at an angle of 90, it also can be completely inverted, turned back 180 degrees without falling off.

When driving around curves or speedy-sudden stop, it will protect the valuables on the surface in cars

More features:

Any color can be made as you required (like purple, pink, transparent, etc)

Logo printing available

Can be Used in the automobile, office, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere seen fit.

Reusable, removable, washable, recyclable and environment friendly.

Holding all your digital devices, sunglasses or coin securely on your dash without adhesives or sticky residue.

Size of anti-slip pad

    Regular size:
    14 × 8 cm 

MOQ: 500 PCS  
With different colors for choice or determined by customer

More example pictures of anti-slip pads:

Best gadget option for holding smartphone or iPhone
The exhibition of Anti slip pad
Closer look at the anti slip pad  (balck and white)
Closer look at the anti slip pad (balck and white)

Not just for mobile phone
You can put anything you can think of on the anti-slip pad

You can put anything you can think of on the anti-slip pad
           Different colors show