Operating from year 2001, DS Promo has several standard factories in China. And we boast a professional team with 10 years of experience on international sales, marketing and design. The quality control is always our priority, gaining 99% satisfaction from customers. DS Promo offer a variety of services and products from designing your logo, to printing your current logo on various promotional products, such as Ball pens, banner pens, rubber keychains, lanyards, shopping bags, silicone bracelets, coasters, mobile phone holders, etc. Our mission: To help our clients achieve lower net costs and increase their profitability so that they can deliver more value to their customer relationships If you need, just advise your idea, and we will plan your entire program and implement it from start to finish. Our advantage:

We are able to provide you individualized selection of goods, guaranteed quality, and the lowest cost because we are the manufacturer, also coorperating with hundreds of other factories in China.