Silicone Watches

The Silicone Wristband Watch               Inquiry> Made by silicone material with Anion. > Water proof and shock proof. > Titanium Sports Watch can protect the UV Rays,    relax your muscles,    increase your blood circulation etc. >  The best bracelet decoration while you’re climbing,       swimming, other sports outside. Functions: · Stimulate blood circulation and metabolism · Relax and refresh the body · Negative ion (anion) emittance   (800 ~ 2000 ions per CC [= cm³]) · Far infrared ray emittance (more than 90%) · Ten meters water resistance [Don’t try it too long] · Ultra light weight (10 g only; Net weight of 17 cm) · Digital watch function with LCD display (display the month, date, hour and minute) Features: · Various styles and colors are available · Stylish looking customers’ design is highly welcome · Logo and models can be customized according to requirement · Sizes available: 6.5 × 16 cm; 7.5 × 17 cm; 8.5 × 18 cm           MOQ: 500 PCS    Custom logo printing             Inquiry                                                      Colors avaliable for silicone watch  (for reference)

Operating Instructions of silicone watch:

Setting the Date and Time

Your ionic Power watch displays the month, day and time.

Press button A twice. The month should appear on the display. Press the button M to set the current month. Press button A to display the day. Press button M to set the current day. Press button A to display the hour. Press button M to set the current hour. Press button A to display the minute. Press button M to set the minute. Press button A twice to finish setting the time and date.

If your watch has been set correctly, the time and date should alternate on your display.

If you make a mistake, press button A until the desired figure appears on the display. Use button M to make adjustments. How to change the Battery Remove the 2 screws located on the inside of your Ionic Power Watch.      Carefully remove the watch component from the silicon band. Remove the 4 screws on the back of the watch component, and then carefully remove the back cover. Replace the battery as needed and re-assemble.

Watch uses one SR626 SW Battery

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