Neoprene Items

Neoprene (known as Collapsible Foam) is great material for can Koozies or coolers, keeping your beverages cool. And it is also very ideal for holding digital devices like iPhone or iPad.

Wonderful to market your business, and suitable for custom 4-colors heat-transfer printing.


Can Koozies                  Inquiry


    Collapsible Foam can Koozies 1



Wine bottle Koozies        Inquiry

    Collapsible Foam can Koozies 2






    Collapsible Foam can Koozies 3





   Collapsible wine bottle Koozies 1



iPad Covers                   Inquiry


    Collapsible wine bottle Koozies 2





    Collapsible wine bottle Koozies 3






           Neoprene iPad covers



Mobile phone Covers             

        Neoprene iPad covers 2





            Neoprene laptop covers





    Neoprene mobile phone holders 1



Camera Covers               Inquiry

  Neoprene mobile phone holders 2






  Neoprene mobile phone holders 3






       Neoprene camera covers 1



Others                          Inquiry

       Neoprene camera covers 2




        Neoprene camera covers 3





       Neoprene CD holders






      Neoprene documents holders




       Neoprene glasses holders